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Huifen Wired USB C Gaming Mouse , Silent RGB Gaming Mice 7 Colors Backlit, 2400 DPI, Type C RGB Wired Mouse Gaming for Office Home PC and Notebook and All Type-C Device (Black)

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The Polling Rate (PR) is a measurement of how often a device reports its position to the computer. It is an important factor for gaming mice, as without it, your cursor or crosshair cannot move. As a result, the higher the Polling Rate, the less slack there is between mouse movement and the cursor update. However, this feature is not always appropriate. For example, some games are based on old game motors and may only support 125Hz surveying.

polling rate

In gaming, the Polling Rate makes a difference. A higher Polling Rate will make your mouse appear more responsive and reduce input lag. This is especially important in First Person Shooters, where quick reflexes are a must. High-end gaming mice can get up to 1000Hz, but this will reduce battery life. To avoid this issue, you should use a mouse with a higher Polling Rate. This can improve mouse responsiveness.

In gaming, the Polling Rate is an essential feature. It makes the mouse feel more responsive and reduces input lag. High-end mouse hardware is designed to handle fast-paced games, such as FPS. Choosing a lower Polling Rate won't be suitable for such a fast-paced game. Keep in mind that keyboard switches travel for around 8ms, which is barely noticeable when playing. This means that a low Polling Rate isn't suitable for these types of games.

The Polling Rate also affects gaming performance. A high polling rate makes the mouse seem more responsive and helps reduce input lag. This is important when playing a fast-paced game, like a FPS. A lower polling rate will make the mouse appear sluggish, which can hinder reaction time. If the speed of the response is high, the polling-rate will be faster and the cursor will move farther.

In games, the Polling Rate will make a big difference. A higher polling rate will make your mouse appear more responsive. This can help reduce input lag, which is a big problem for FPS. A high polling rate can also increase the mouse's battery life. You can improve the speed of game play by increasing the Polling-rate of your game's mouse. The higher the polling-rate, the faster your gaming experience will be.

A high polling-rate is an important factor for gaming. A high polling-rate mouse will be responsive, and it can help reduce input lag. A gaming mouse with a higher polling rate is more responsive than one with a lower one. It should also be able to handle fast-paced games and avoid input lag. Its higher polling-rate will also help you in FPS games. The higher polling rate will help you play faster.

The polling-rate of your mouse will affect the speed at which the mouse responds to commands. A higher polling-rate mouse will reduce input lag. A low-polling-rate mouse will cause input lag, while a high-polling-rate mouse will make the mouse look more responsive. A higher-polling-rate mouse will also reduce input lag and give you a more accurate result. It is also an important factor for gaming in FPS.

The polling-rate of your mouse will determine how fast it can move. If the polling-rate is too low, your mouse will not respond properly. A higher polling-rate mouse will not respond as quickly as a high-polling-rate mouse. A good polling-rate mouse will be more responsive to you, reducing the risk of input lag. If you're not sure how to find the best polling-rate mouse for your needs, check out the following articles.

The Polling-rate of your mouse can be crucial to your gaming performance. It can affect your game's frame rate. For example, if your mouse has a low polling-rate, it will slow down your mouse's response and cause it to lag. A higher-polling-rate mouse will allow you to have a faster game, so it's important to keep this in mind when choosing a mouse.

The Polling-rate of a mouse is the frequency at which a tool reports its position to the computer. It can also be a key to reducing mouse lag and ensuring high-quality gaming. If your mouse has a low polling-rate, it will not affect your gameplay. In fact, the higher the Polling-rate of your mouse, the more you can get away with, the faster you can play.

Product Features

?7 Colors RGB Backlight?The USB C mouse with 7 kinds of LED lights and unique side flow lighting effect to meet your different style of the game needs? unique rainbow RGB mice streamer effect. With multiple RGB lighting modes, you can choose the gaming mouse RGB lighting you want. ?Silent Wired Gaming Mouse?wired transmission brings stable signal, the user could enjoy smooth gaming fighting. As a wired mouse, it is stable transmission performance and no delay operation. Silent Click so that won't bother others while using this computer mouse. ?4 Adjustable DPI Levels?4DPI?800/1200/1600/2400 dpi?adjustable DPI Levels to suit both daily business and gaming needs. 2million times keystroke test and 300K times wheel switch lift, buttons with the neat rebound. ?Ergonomic Gaming Mouse?Our gaming mouse with ergonomic and streamlined which provides a comfortable claw-grip design, helps you reduce arm discomfort and hand stiffness. Long-time use without fatigue. ?Type C Wide Compatibility? The USB C Mouse is compatible with all devices which have a USB C port. We will spare no effort to provide the best service to every customer, feel free to contact us when you meet any problem, we will reply to you within 24 hours.